Christopher Columbus Statue Removed From St Louis Park

A statue of Christopher Columbus was removed from Tower Grove Park in St Louis, Missouri, on June 16, following authorization for the removal from the park’s Board of Commissioners.

Tower Grove Park issued a statement regarding the decision of its board to take down the statue, emphasizing its commitment to creating a space that is welcoming to all people.

“Tower Grove Park celebrates the diversity of our community every day and serves as the centerpiece of the region’s most vibrant neighborhoods. When a statue of Christopher Columbus was placed in the park 140 years ago, its purpose was to celebrate the contributions of immigrants in this region. But now, for many, it symbolizes a historical disregard for indigenous peoples and cultures and destruction of their communities,” the statement said.

Tower Grove Park is a public park partially funded by the City of St Louis, according to their website.

Video filmed by Instagram user @heyjonesy3 shows a crew removing the statue from its plinth with a crane on Tuesday.

At least two people protested the removal of the statue on Tuesday, video shows. A man yelled at a crowd of people gathered in the area, “You guys don’t know what the f*** Columbus did. If we stole everything — I’ll tell you what you f***ing do, you make yourself a f***ing will, you give everything to some tribe, you go home, you kill yourself, and we’re done with it.” Credit: @heyjonesy3 via Storyful