Christmas delivery slots: When can you book for Asda, Tesco and other supermarkets?


With Christmas just weeks away, it seems as if we are hurtling towards the end of the year so it’s time to start thinking about the pinnacle point of the festive season: Christmas dinner.

Booking in your Christmas delivery slot has become an important British pastime and supermarkets have started to open up their slots for deliveries in the days leading up to 25 December.

So which supermarkets still have Christmas delivery slots and how can you book one?

Do I need to book a Christmas delivery slot?

This is completely up to you and what your plans are for the festive period this year. Christmas food delivery slots are generally booked for the days leading up to Christmas (22 to 24 December) so booking a food delivery slot could help to lessen the stress that Christmas can bring as you know you’ll have all the food you need once 25 December comes around.

Do note, however, that many supermarkets will have fully stocked shelves leading up to Christmas so you can always go to the stores and buy your groceries in person if you miss out on a slot.

Demand is “strong” for Christmas food delivery slots this year (sefa ozel/iStock)
Demand is “strong” for Christmas food delivery slots this year (sefa ozel/iStock)

When do Christmas supermarket delivery slots open?

If you are considering booking a Christmas delivery slot, these are the dates you need to put into your calendar:


Christmas slots are now available to all customers.

Asda Delivery Pass customers had priority access to the delivery slots. The pass costs from £6.50 a month and can be used for spends over £40 and on next-day deliveries.


Slots are already open and the supermarket also has a Click & Collect service that customers can use. Deliveries fall between 20 and 24 December.

Waitrose has said that slots for Christmas delivery are “disappearing fast”, so anyone who hasn’t booked yet should keep checking in case of any cancellations. An alternative is to book Waitrose’s Christmas Entertaining Collection, which allows shoppers to access different delivery slots.

This service includes pre-prepared buffet dishes, canapes, desserts, and Christmas turkey, but orders must be placed by 15 December.


Delivery Saver customers will be able to book their slot from 6am Tuesday 15 November, while all other customers can book theirs from 6am on Tuesday 23 November.

Marks and Spencer

M&S Christmas Food To Order slots are now open and allows customers to pick their order up in store between 21 and 24 December.


Sainsbury’s opened their Christmas delivery slots from 24 October, with staggered booking and delivery dates available. From 24-27 October, you can book delivery slots between 18-24 December.

You can alternatively book a Click and Collect slot from 27 November, with collection dates between 18-24 December. Collections made between Sunday to Wednesday are free.


Christmas food delivery slots at Morrisons opened for its delivery pass shoppers on Wednesday 19 October and for all other customers on Wednesday 26 October. When customers book one of its delivery slots, they are able to add to their basket gradually as their shopping list grows.

The cut-off date for editing your basket is 11.55pm on the day before your delivery is due to arrive - for example, if you need to edit your basket before your delivery on 20 December, you have until 11.55pm on 19 December to do so.


Aldi’s Click and Collect slots for Christmas are now available to book. Shoppers can order from a vast range of groceries online and select a one-hour collection window between 20 and 23 December. More than 200 stores across the UK offer Aldi’s Click & Collect service.


No date has been set for Co-op’s delivery slots yet.


The frozen supermarket chain’s deliveries will look the same as its regular home grocery deliveries, with slots available to book up to six days in advance.


Ocado started offering its Christmas food delivery slots for Smart Pass customers from 30 September, although some complained they did not receive a notification from the online supermarket about the slots opening.

“These slots get booked up really quickly, so we can’t guarantee everyone will get one,” Ocado says on its website.

As for other customers, Ocado advises that they will receive an email or text message when they are able to book a slot.