Christmas comes to Bondi Beach

Rain and and Covid restrictions kept beachgoers away from Sydney's iconic Bondi on Friday (December 25) -

a traditional Christmas day destination for thousands of revellers each year.

But it didn't dampen the spirits of locals.

"We've got to be present with the moment. Bring a bit of happiness to the situation, bring a bit of light, bring a bit of hope, bit of craziness and that's it. That's what Bondi is, that's what Christmas is all about."

At midday only about 100 people were swimming, surfing and posing for photos.

However, Santa and a few reindeer still managed to make an appearance.

And for those a long way from home, the sandy shores served as the perfect remedy for the holiday blues.

"Why obviously there's a bit of homesickness right there, but y'know, there's not a better place to be right now with Covid going on than in Australia probably."