Christine Baranski Addresses That Viral Photo of Her Glaring at Elon Musk: ‘I Was Actually Dissing Him’

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Christine Baranski doesn’t think highly of billionaires – and now it’s no secret.

Earlier this year, a viral photo of “The Good Fight” actress giving Elon Musk a frigid stare down at the 2022 Met Gala surfaced on the internet. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Baranski said she didn’t intentionally glare at him, though it may appear that way in the snapshot.

“The funny thing is I have no memory of turning back and glaring at him,” she said, “but I was actually dissing him as I was waiting in line to go to dinner.”

“I was with someone who was at my table, and I noticed Elon Musk and I went, ‘Oh my God, it’s Elon Musk.’ I basically said [to my friend], ‘I don’t know how you feel about him, but why is he spending billions of dollars in space when he could be cleaning up the planet?’ I’m an environmentalist,” she continued.

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Baranski told the outlet that she has a generally “low opinion” of billionaires, and has been happy to let out some of her frustration toward them on a Musk-esque character in “The Good Fight,” Neil Gross. Played by John Benjamin Hickey, Gross is the founder of a giant tech company.

“We have our own Elon Musk in ‘The Good Fight.’ Neil Gross is in the second-to-last episode,” said Baranski, who plays lawyer and liberal activist Diane Lockhart. “And I get to bash the billionaires a bit. I’ve added a few lines [to the script], and I actually will include Elon Musk in the final episode.”

“The Good Fight” Season 6 premieres on Paramount+ on Sept. 8.

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