Christina Applegate Hilariously Explains Her Pet Peeves With 'Love Island'

Christina Applegate is genuinely hooked on “Love Island” — but has a few beefs to share.

The “Dead to Me” star confirmed her adoration of the dating show Wednesday with multiple posts on social media, and though it remains unclear whether she “watched every season” of the British series, which premiered in 2015, or its U.S. version, on CBS since 2019, Applegate shared one of her pet peeves about the cast.

“I have a beef with production and contestants,” Applegate wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “Can you pls stop making weird sounds with your water bottles? like holding straw in mouth and chewing it and not sopping. Or girls with long nails making clicky clackety sounds.”

“White deodorant on the armpits in the heat is gross,” she added in another post. “Now you all are very attractive people, please use clear deodorant!!! The white puss looking shit in the folds is not bueno. This is just me helping you be the best version of you. Haha.”

The dating show casts a different group of men and women each season and chronicles their lives in isolation and their mission to find love. Though the original series takes place in Mallorca, Spain, the latest season of “Love Island USA” was filmed in sunny Fiji.

When a fellow fan agreed with Applegate on Wednesday about the “puss looking” deodorant but said it was “too graphic to share,” the actor had no qualms about jumping right into the fray: “Well I will say it for you. Yeast infection. That’s all I see now.”

Christina Applegate started watching the dating show in 2021 after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
Christina Applegate started watching the dating show in 2021 after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. John Salangsang/Variety via Getty Images

Applegate revealed earlier this year that she started watching the show in 2021, after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and said she must have watched “300 hours of reality TV” since then. The actor has an admittedly obsessive love of the genre.

She not only shared that she’s befriended some of the “Below Deck” cast, but she also said she turned down a chance to join “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” about “10 years ago.” Ever humble and hilarious, Applegate joked it was for the best.

“I would be the worst housewife, anyway,” she said at the time.