‘Christian activist’ calls for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to be ‘hung’

Conservative commentators Stew Peters and Ariel Morgan (The Stew Peters Show via Rumble)
Conservative commentators Stew Peters and Ariel Morgan (The Stew Peters Show via Rumble)

In a bizarre interview, Christian commentator Morgan Ariel said Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce should be “hung”.

Ms Ariel, who describes herself as a “Christian activist”, also told Rumble streaming host Stew Peters on Wednesday that Ms Swift and Mr Kelce should be “publicly prosecuted” and alleged the pair are using their relationship as a strategy to push vaccines.

“I think people deserve to be publicly prosecuted and hung,” she told Mr Peters, an alt-right conspiracy theorist known for his extreme anti-vax positions.

A clip of the interview was posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, but it has since then been removed.

“If she’s dating some high-end, you know, football player that is pushing the vaccine, then that’s going to raise the probability that they’ll go out and get it,” Ms Ariel said.

“These people are responsible for murder,” Mr Peters replied. “They’re actually selling their souls and knowingly killing children with a DOD-manufactured, US government-owned and deployed weapon of biowarfare. I mean, these people should be held to serious account.

“I think people deserve to be publicly prosecuted and hung. I mean, the same thing that you say,” Ms Ariel added. “I think that we need justice in this country. I think that celebrities that are pushing it should be tried and they don’t have any conviction because their God is Satan and they value money instead of human life.”

Mr Kelce appeared in a recent Pfizer ad encouraging users to update their Covid-19 vaccinations and flu shots.

The 33-year-old then repeated the message on his Instagram page, but eventually turned off comments after being inundated with anti-vaccine rhetoric.

The City Chiefs player is reported to be dating Ms Swift.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (Getty Images)
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (Getty Images)

In a statement posted to X, Ms Ariel denied she called for the pair to be executed. “My statements were directed at the individuals who pushed this onto humanity not the celebrities who are being paid to promote it however, I did say celebrities should also be tried which I stand on,” she said.

Some have suggested that comments made by Ms Ariel and Mr Peters may have violated Rumble’s terms and conditions, which state that “any message which is abusive, inciting violence, harassing, harmful, hateful, antisemitic, racist or threatening” is not allowed.

Mr Peters previously claimed that Donald Trump‘s Truth Social website was censoring anti-vaccine information. He has also been called antisemitic and a white nationalist.