50 of Chrissy Teigen’s Best Clapbacks

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Chrissy Teigen—queen of social media, cookbooks, awards show reaction GIFs, and basically everything else—can throw down like no other when it comes to internet trolls.

Her unapologetic quips and savage roasts deserve a damn medal, and her give no fucks/take no prisoners attitude is the GOAT. Her schooling should be taught in schools! Revel in her greatness with 50 of her best clapbacks.

1. Her epic feud with Debbie, I mean come on. Come through!

2. And when she beat this troll at his own game.

3. When someone who surely should have known better made comments about her ass, so she called him out in a video.

4. When she shut down trolls who criticized her for feeding Luna some truly delicious-looking red wine–braised short ribs, which the wine cooks out of, btw.

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5. She made sure to bring the receipts when someone suggested all she does is spend other people’s money.

Photo credit: Chrissy Teigen Twitter

6. That time she took down Piers Morgan.

7. And again.

Seriously, the only time worth mentioning Piers Morgan is when it’s to confirm he’s been owned.

8. When President Donald Trump retweeted a hater insulting her, and she was nothing less than honored.

9. Oh, and that time she told Trump he needs to go on and go somewhere else.

10. And when she owned her space throne:

11. When she spread holiday cheer.

12. When she gave credit where credit was due.

13. When someone strangely took offense to her showing up to an awards ceremony.

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14. And when she hit so hard that her rival protected their account.

15. When screenshots were her weapon of choice.

16. And again. What’s with all the deletes?!

17. And once more for good measure.

18. When class was but a number.

19. When she silenced this stuffing-hater because stuffing > everything.

20. When she savagely told “judgmental” vegetarians to get out of her comments after she gave her opinion on which bacon slice looks the yummiest.

Photo credit: Chrissy Teigen Twitter
Photo credit: Chrissy Teigen Twitter
Photo credit: Chrissy Teigen Twitter

21. And when she revealed that Forever 21 fired her early on in her modeling career for being too “fat.”

Not a traditional clapback, sure, but relevant because that’s some bullshit that deserves to be called out.

22. When people freaked out about her definition of clean eating, so she clarified.

23. Because she only eats pizza, thank you very much.

24. That time TMZ tried to diss her...for being sexy.

25. And that time Mike tried to diss her for her Lip Sync Battle hosting.

26. When she went out to dinner shortly after giving birth to daughter Luna and people lost their damn minds.

27. So she dropped this genius response.

28. And an honorable mention for John, who stepped up and shared half the “blame.”

29. Although, even he’s not safe from her shade.

It’s all in good fun, of course!

30. That other time she was tired of the negativity from mommy shamers.

31. And called out their snide comments.

32. And, again, when she was criticized for using IVF to get pregnant and having none of it.

33. When she dropped this extremely logical clapback to the creep who raised issue with her going commando.

34. And when she had the best DGAF response to someone who pointed out her Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction that resulted in a nip slip.

35. That time she was not about to let people talk shit about how she and John parent Luna.

36. And she wasn’t afraid to give an Instagram commenter a crash course in common sense after they dared to ask why her family is jet-lagged.

Photo credit: Chrissy Teigen Twitter

37. When someone tried to claim she isn’t hilarious.

38. That time she dragged someone for pulling a “who cares?” in response to her tweet.

39. When she straight-up told Fox News not to @ her...ever.

40. When she revealed her secret to handling the haters. Amazing.

41. When she remained completely unfazed by a fat shamer who called her “chubby.”

42. And that one time when a Twitter troll had the nerve to tell her she looked “awful” on the cover of a magazine.

Photo credit: Twitter

43. When she literally told a rude person to hop off her feed, “calm your tits and scroll on by!” Iconic.

44. Oh, and that other time, she defended Taylor Swift! Well...kinda.

45. And that other other time, someone tried to tell Chrissy how to dress in front of her kids.

46. When someone seriously tried to reduce her to her boobs.

47. When she had the *perfect* response to a random person asking her if she was pregnant.

Photo credit: Instagram

48. When she could not care less if haters follow her or not.

Photo credit: Instagram

49. And that other time when she roasted a dude’s sex life and admitted that nope, she doesn’t use Photoshop on her pics.

50. And finally, when she hit back a troll who had the NERVE to say she’s shaped like SpongeBob SquarePants.

💯 💯 💯

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