Chrissy Teigen worries Donald Trump could 'come after' her for calling him a 'p---y ass bitch'

Chrissy Teigen worries Donald Trump could 'come after' her for calling him a 'p---y ass bitch'

The model's tweet was infamously referenced in a congressional hearing.

Chrissy Teigen has some concerns surrounding Donald Trump's possible return to the White House. Namely, there's some unease from her calling the former president and convicted felon a "p---y ass bitch" back in 2019.

"It’s kind of scary because it’s, ‘Oh, he’s aware of me’,” Teigen said at Cannes Lion (per Deadline). "What could really happen because of that? We obviously know he’s unhinged, but could he actually come after you in other ways? It’s a weird feeling.”

Teigen branded Trump as a "p---s ass bitch" after he derided her husband John Legend as a "boring musician" and her as his "filthy-mouthed" wife in a tweet. In response, Teigen used the expletive to mock the fact that he had "tagged everyone but me" in the post.

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A former Twitter (now known as X) employee testified early last year that Trump's White House asked the platform to remove Teigen's tweet, though they declined the request.

<p>Getty(2)</p> Chrissy Teigen; Donald Trump


Chrissy Teigen; Donald Trump

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"I do remember hearing that we had received a request from the White House to make sure that we evaluated this tweet, and that they wanted it to come down because it was a derogatory statement directed towards the president," Anika Collier Navaroli, a senior member of Twitter's U.S. Safety Policy Team, revealed.

Teigen called the moment a "career highlight" at Cannes Lion, where she appeared alongside Legend for a conversation with journalist and podcaster Kara Swisher. Legend said he and Teigen intend to be politically active this election cycle to ensure that Trump does not "come within a mile of the White House again.”

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Legend, who conceded he may alienate some fans of The Voice due to his politics, added, "We’re going to support President Biden."

The Grammy-winning artist previously lent his support to the Democratic nominee and vice president Kamala Harris during the 2020 election cycle, performing alongside Common at a rally in Philadelphia a day before the election was set to take place. He also helped campaign for former President Barack Obama.

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