Chris Hemsworth receives ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ star and a roasting from fellow Avengers (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA, May 24 — Actor Chris Hemsworth, known for his role as Thor, has been honoured with his own star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Robert Downey Jr., known for his portrayal of Iron Man in the films in and part of the collective of the Avengers, also attended the unveiling, reported Deadline.

Downey addressed the crowd, mentioning that he had asked fellow Avengers cast members to summarise their thoughts on Hemsworth in three words:“What is Chris Hemsworth?”

Jeremy Renner’s response was “absurdly annoyingly amazing”, while Mark Ruffalo described him as a “friend from work”, while Scarlett Johansson depicted him as a “sensitive leading lady”.

Chris Evans added a humorous twist by dubbing Hemsworth “second best Chris”.

Despite the teasing, Downey expressed his sentimentality, describing Hemsworth as a “Hollywood star recipient”.

The two actors were locked in a heartfelt embrace as Hemsworth expressed his gratitude.

Hemsworth received his star a day before the premiere of his latest film in George Miller’s Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.