Chris Evans’ Brother Defended Big Bro’s Relationship With Alba Baptista This Summer (Video)

Chris Evans is reportedly off the market. Multiple media outlets have reported that the 42-year-old actor has married his 26-year-old girlfriend, actress Alba Baptista (star of “Warrior Nun”), in a small ceremony at their home in Boston, Massachusetts.

Earlier this summer, the actor’s brother Scott went to bat for the couple in an episode of podcast “The Viall Files” and accused his brother’s fans of “being like ‘You are a piece of crap’ to anybody he’s tried to date, and just destroying them and telling them they suck.”

Chris Evans and Baptista confirmed their relationship in November 2022, with a source telling People at the time that the two had been dating for “over a year.” Scott Evans opened up about what dating is like for his brother in July.

Scott said that the internet can take something good and turn it into something awful pretty easily. As Scott put it, “It’s been, like, a slow burn over the years. It’s not like he catapults to fame. We’ve been experiencing, and we watched the internet happen.”

He continued, “Twitter wasn’t around when he first started making movies, and so just being able to just see it all…kind of what can happen. It can be a dark place and people can get very bold with the things that they think are appropriate.”

The younger brother added, “The way people can be can make it pretty hard to date someone like that. Because you think, ‘I’m just dating a person, he’s a guy,’ and then all of a sudden, it’s article after article after article after post after tag after tag.”

Chris Evans has been open about his desire to get married and raise a family. He’s also been in a number of high-profile relationships. Past romantic partners have included Jenny Slate, Minka Kelly, Lily James and Christina Ricci.

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