Chris Cuomo blasts Tucker Carlson, says he’s ‘getting exactly what he wants: attention’

Anchor Chris Cuomo blasted Tucker Carlson for an interview he plans to release soon with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Tucker Carlson is getting exactly what he wants: attention,” Cuomo said on his eponymous show Tuesday evening. “He’s in Russia, interviewing Vladimir Putin. Now, frankly, I don’t care, his explanation of why he’s doing it — that he’s a journalist and he needs to inform people. He can call himself whatever he wants.”

Carlson announced Tuesday afternoon he secured an interview with Putin, and in the process, he accused media outlets of not “bothering” to try and interview the Russian leader and criticized the mainstream press over its coverage of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

Those remarks earned Carlson widespread condemnation from others in the media, who noted they have been fighting for more access to the Kremlin while Putin has a history of cracking down on media coverage that is critical of him.

A former leading figure in cable news, Carlson was pulled off the air by Fox last spring and has since launched a media company of his own and a program on X, formerly known as Twitter.

On his new online show, Carlson offers routine commentary on matters of politics, culture and current events.

The host’s first interview on his new platform was with former President Trump, while the announced sit-down with Putin marks the first time the Russian president has granted an interview to a member of Western media since his invasion of Ukraine.

“I think his work is demonstrable as not being just about giving people information, he has a point of view,” Cuomo said of Carlson. “And often it’s not aligned with the facts.”

A former CNN anchor, Cuomo now hosts a weeknight prime-time show on NewsNation, which, like The Hill, is owned by Nexstar Media Group.

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