Chris Bukowski Is Being Flirty With Katie Morton on Instagram and I Have About a Million Questions

Shannon Barbour
Photo credit: Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

  • Chris Bukowski is flirting with Katie Morton on Instagram.
  • The Bachelor in Paradise couple broke up in December.

By now, breaking off engagements is a pretty common occurence when it comes to Bachelor in Paradise couples and said couples rarely get back together. But! Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton may do just that if you read way too much into their latest Instagram interaction like I'm currently doing.

It's felt like 84 years since December, but that's when Chris and Katie called off their romance that began months earlier in Paradise. The breakup was a long time coming because they definitely had issues during the Paradise finale and Demi Burnett even suggested they try therapy. Also, Katie flew solo on a couple's vacation, which raised about a million red flags for fans.

Fast forward two months, and Katie just posted an Instagram with the caption, "Comment your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to." Bless his heart, Chris replied, "Your apartment.” If you don't believe me, Comments by Bachelor has the receipts:

Chris' comment has amassed over a thousand likes, so it seems like the fans are loving this. Katie has not responded to him yet—TBD on if she will at all.

When the two initially broke up, they released a joint statement, saying:

"We have chosen to love and respect each other as friends because that’s the base of our relationship, and it’s what is most natural for us... We are grateful for everything that we’ve learned in this chapter and are hopeful for what is to come in life and in love for both of us.”

I mean, they definitely left things on a friendly note, so it's completely possible that they could get back together!

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