Chris Brown hurls fan’s phone off stage during live concert

Chris Brown appears on the blue carpet for the Qubeey Launch Party on October 20, 2012 (Getty Images)

Chris Brown has addressed the recent incident in which he hurled a fan’s phone off stage at his Berlin concert.

On Monday (1 March) night, the singer brought a fan onstage during the performance of his 2007 hit song “Take You Down”.

In between verses, he proceeded to give the fan a lapdance.

However, throughout the performance, she was seen on her phone, presumably trying to record the experience.

At one point, Brown took the phone from her hands and placed it face down on her lap. Yet, as he continued to perform, she picked up her phone again.

Appearing annoyed that she wouldn’t get off her phone, he later snatched it from her hands and threw it into the crowd.

Hours after the incident went viral on social media, Brown weighed in on the moment himself.

Alongside a recorded clip of the event posted to his Instagram story, the “Under the Influence” singer wrote, “F*** dat phone”, next to a laughing emoji.

“Shawty got her phone back too,” Brown added in a subsequent post.

Fans on Twitter were divided over who was at fault.

Some placed blame on the woman for continuing to use her phone during the experience, saying “she deserved it”.

“People really do not know how to be in the moment anymore,” one wrote. A second agreed, adding: “GIRL people were EVERYWHERE recording for you!!”

A third commented: “I gotta defend him. He gently put it down at first, she was being lame.”

Others felt his response was too extreme.

“She should’ve sat there and enjoyed the show but he’s definitely outta line for this,” one said.

“It is impossible to defend Chris Brown. He just keeps doing stuff,” another replied.

Brown has long been a figure of controversy after he physically assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, for which he was charged with felony assault.

He later pled guilty to the felony and received five years of probation, community service hours and domestic violence counselling.

He recently collaborated with singer Chloe Bailey on her latest single “How Does It Feel”, which numerous fans condemned.