‘It’s my choice’: German gymnast opts for full-body suit

This German gymnast is taking a stand against sexualization by wearing full-body suits in lieu of the standard leotard.

(SOUNDBITE) (German) GYMNAST SARAH VOSS SAYING: "Gymnasts don't always feel so comfortable training in leotards, also in gymnastics competitions, one has the feeling that they slip out of place or could slip out of place. And perhaps that cameras or photographers can catch this poor moment. This bodysuit originated for this reason, simply to show that there is a possibility and since 2012, wearing matching trousers is also allowed.”

Outfits covering legs are allowed in international competitions.

To date, they have almost exclusively been used for religious reasons.

The German Gymnastics Association praised Voss for taking a stand.

(SOUNDBITE) (German) GYMNAST SARAH VOSS SAYING: "With the bodysuit, we wanted to show the campaign 'It's my choice'. We can always freely decide if we want to wear a leotard or full-body suit."