Chloe Fineman says she's responsible for sexualizing Sydney Sweeney in “SNL” Hooters sketch

"It was your pervert over here!" she told Dana Carvey and David Spade on their "Fly on the Wall: podcast.

Saturday Night Live cast member Chloe Fineman has a confession: She was the one behind that Hooters sketch they did when Sydney Sweeney hosted on March 2.

"Sydney Sweeney, I pitched her the Hooters idea, where I was like, maybe work at Hooters, and we're counting tips," Fineman told told Dana Carvey and David Spade on Wednesday's episode of their Fly on the Wall podcast. "I get $20 and you're like, cool, I made like $40,000. And then she DM'd me, to write it, and then we got in so much trouble for, like, sexualizing Sydney Sweeney."

She added in a faux accent, "But it was your pervert over here!"

<p>snl</p> Sydney Sweeney on 'Saturday Night Live'


Sydney Sweeney on 'Saturday Night Live'

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Still, Sweeney's character noted, she was stiffed by one table. Not to worry, though, because just then a character played by Kenan Thompson showed up apologizing and said he had to go to the bank for his tip. He leaves Sweeney's server a stack of bills, and comments, "Damn, she fine!"

Another male customer lets Sweeney pour beer into his mouth, even though he's been sober for 22 years, while yet another man asks if he can buy her a car.

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The show was criticized when it aired for having focused on Sweeney's appearance, particularly since the actress herself had previously spoken out about the unwanted attention paid to her appearance.

"I was highly sexualized in high school because I had boobs," she told Elle in October 2022. "It's kind of funny: What was being said about [her character of] Cassie in Euphoria, the public then decided to do to me in real life. Which I thought was so crazy, because we were trying to show a character who was so hypersexualized, and what could have been the cause and effects for her. And they just continue to do it."

The same month the SNL she hosted aired, Sweeney was asked in an interview with Variety whether the conversation about her body ever reached her.

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"I see it, and I just can't allow myself to have a reaction," Sweeney said. "I don't know how to explain it — I'm still trying to figure it out myself. People feel connected and free to be able to speak about me in whatever way they want, because they believe that I've signed my life away. That I'm not on a human level anymore, because I'm an actor. That these characters are for everybody else, but then me as Sydney is not for me anymore. It's this weird relationship that people have with me that I have no control or say over."

One of the next movies Sweeney will appear in is Ron Howard's buzzy thriller Eden, which costars Ana de Armas, Vanessa Kirby, and Jude Law.

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