Chinese woman pays $134 to have pet dog carried up mountain in sedan chair


A woman in China made local headlines after she paid two men 980 yuan ($134) to transport her pet dog in a sedan chair up a mountain in Jiangxi.

About the workers: Sedan chair carriers earn their living by ferrying visitors up the mountain in the Three Clear Mountain scenic area. These workers are primarily older individuals who have limited employment opportunities and must rely on the labor-intensive job to supplement their income.

Similar incidents in the past involving pet owners hiring sedan chair carriers have led to carriers being unfairly criticized, ultimately impacting their livelihood.

Sparking controversy: On Oct. 25, the dog owner took to social media to share her experience of hiring the services of the sedan chair carriers to bring her dog up the mountain. The incident attracted widespread attention, prompting discussions about the treatment of sedan chair carriers and whether or not pets should be allowed at such tourist destinations. Some criticized the necessity of allocating such a large amount of money for the purpose.

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Management’s response: The management of the Three Clear Mountain scenic area clarified that under normal circumstances, pets are not allowed on the mountain. However, if pet owners can ensure proper behavior and sign a liability waiver, exceptions can be made.

As for the charges imposed by sedan chair carriers, the scenic area refrained from intervening, emphasizing that it was a matter of mutual agreement between the visitors and carriers.

Call for compassion: Many online users criticized the woman who hired the carriers for being extravagant and disrespectful to the carriers. Others noted that showing kindness and support for these carriers while visiting tourist destinations could be a more constructive response.

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Chinese woman pays $134 to have pet dog carried up mountain in sedan chair