Chinese scientists revive frozen brain tissue without damage in breakthrough study


Chinese researchers have developed a technique to freeze and thaw human brain tissue without damage.

Key points:

The details:

  • Previously, freezing brain tissue proved lethal to the tissue due to ice crystal formation. This limited researchers' ability to study neurological diseases in a lab setting.

  • Led by Zhicheng Shao, researchers at Fudan University in China used human stem cells to grow brain organoids and exposed them to various chemicals before freezing them in liquid nitrogen.

  • The solution that minimized cell death and preserved function after thawing is composed of methylcellulose, ethylene glycol, DMSO and Y27632. The scientists called the cryopreservation method MEDY based on the compounds used.

  • The findings suggest that MEDY can potentially improve research into neurological conditions in the near future.

What's next:

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  • While further studies are needed, some experts envision MEDY as a stepping stone for future human cryonics or extended space travel.


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