Chinese school trains nannies for newborns

STORY: This Chinese school trains nannies to take care of newborn babies

Location: Shanghai, China

Women come to the Yipeitong training center from around the country

to learn to be 'yue sao' or confinement carers

who look after mothers and babies, particularly in the month after birth

(Dong Lili, Student at Yipeitong training center) "There are not so many babies, so what is needed now is professionalism. Although there are many people in this industry, there are not many who are particularly professional. That's why many people come to study - to develop in a more professional way. "

Despite China's declining birth rate and couples' growing reluctance to have more children

working parents are increasingly willing to spare no expense in getting the best possible care

(Kong Chao, Father)

"I am willing to pay for a housekeeper. My parents are getting old and the child is naughty, runs pretty fast and is difficult to catch sometimes. Our house has several floors. It is inconvenient to clean and to climb the stairs. That's why we want to hire a nanny to take care of the child."