Chinese president and Polish counterpart meet for talks to deepen cooperation

Chinese president and Polish counterpart meet for talks to deepen cooperation

The Chinese and Polish Presidents met on Monday for talks on how to strengthen co-operation between the two countries.

China's Xi Jinping held a welcome ceremony for the Polish president Andrzej Duda outside the Great Hall of the People at the edge of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, before the two headed into a room for discussions.

President Xi described Duda as an old friend of both the Chinese people and himself, saying relationship between Poland and China has stood the test of time.

He added that China was willing to continue its friendship with Poland and promote the bilateral relationship between the two countries to achieve better development and stability in a “chaotic international situation.”

In turn, Duda said Poland and China had built a good political relationship based on mutual respect over the last 75 years.

Duda also said Poland would play a role in strengthening the China-EU relationship and invited Xi to visit Poland next year.

Later on, officials from both sides signed agreements on bilateral trade and investment cooperation as well as agricultural exports.

Last Wednesday, a freight train service from China to Europe was officially launched. The goal of the service was to enhance trade efficiency between China and inland Europe.

The train, loaded with goods like air conditioners and coffee machine accessories, departed from the Guangzhou International Port and headed to the capital of Poland, Warsaw.

The freight train service is expected to depart from China every Wednesday and take sixteen days to arrive in Poland. This is about 30% quicker than previous regular freight trains.

The news comes amidst growing tensions between China and the EU after China launched a probe into EU pork imports following proposed tariffs to electric vehicle exports.

German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck also recently visited China, concluding on his three-day trip that he hoped EU and Chinese negotiators would reach a deal on electric vehicle (EV) tariffs before 4 July, when European duties on Chinese carmakers are due to take effect.