Chinese Police Help Civilians as Typhoon Muifa Makes Landfall in Zhejiang Province

Typhoon Muifa, the 12th typhoon this year, made landfall in China’s Zhejiang Province on Wednesday, September 14, according to Chinese state media.

The China Meteorological Administration said it upgraded to level two emergency responses on September 14, requiring relevant meteorological departments to provide timely and precise forecasts and refined services for the general public.

Reuters said that the typhoon brought powerful gales and torrential rains when it landed in Zhoushan on September 14. Reuters reported this is the strongest tropical cyclone to hit the Yangtze River Delta in a decade, citing local media.

This footage posted to the Taizhou Public Security Weibo page shows police working to remove vehicles trapped by rising waters due to the typhoon. Credit: Taizhou Public Security via Storyful

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