Chinese police arrest man caught on video urinating in brewery tank


The factory worker who urinated into a malt container of Chinese beer maker Tsingtao Brewery has reportedly been arrested.

Catch up: The incident, which was caught on video, occurred at Tsingtao’s “Brewery No. 3” in Pingdu, Shandong province, on Oct. 19. It has since sparked outrage on Chinese social media and initially led to a nearly 7% drop in Tsingtao’s shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

The controversy also resulted in a fallout overseas. In South Korea, Tsingtao beer sales dropped by up to 26% in convenience stores, while restaurants have sought for refunds, though to no avail.

The arrest: The worker, surnamed Cui, was arrested on Oct. 22 for intentionally damaging company property, authorities said on Wednesday. Initial investigation revealed that he got into an argument with a truck driver before he climbed up the container — which had just been emptied — and urinated into it.

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Administrative detention: Cui was reportedly placed on administrative detention, a penalty imposed by Chinese police without judicial oversight. This detention typically lasts from five to 15 days and may include fines.

What the company is saying: Tsingtao, China’s second-largest beer maker, previously issued a public apology, saying it had "completely sealed" the batch of malt that may have been contaminated. It also pointed out that Cui was not one of its employees; instead, he worked for another company that provides outsourcing services.

Tsingtao added that it continues to "strengthen its management procedures and ensure product quality." The company began using fully enclosed dumping vehicles for transporting raw materials, as well as an AI-powered “behavior recognition monitoring system” to ensure effective oversight in production.

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