Chinese motorist rescues passengers trapped in burning minibus by kicking open windscreen

A heroic man kicked the front windscreen open to rescue three people trapped in a minibus after it tipped over and burst into flames in southern China. The CCTV video, shot in the city of Chongqing on June 26, shows a minibus suddenly smashing into the guardrails on the roadside and flipping on to its side. The smoke was seen rising up from the bottom of the minibus, followed by huge flames. A man in the car opened the door to try to climb out of it but he saw the massive flames and went back into the car. Another man named Luo ran to the minibus to kick the front windscreen repeatedly until it was broken. Three people then climbed out of the minibus through a hole on the front windscreen. Thanks to Luo, only one man named Gao had minor scratches, the other two people were not injured at all. According to reports, Luo witnessed the incident when he drove a truck past the area. He then stopped his truck in an emergency lane and ran to rescue the people trapped in the minibus. The video was provided by local media with permission.