Chinese #MeToo case reaches court

Zhou Xiaoxuan, a former intern at state broadcaster CCTV, is accusing a prominent and very famous CCTV anchor, Zhu Jun, of sexual harassment during her internship there in 2014.

Before entering the Haidian People's Court in north west Beijing on Wednesday (December 2) Zhou fought back tears as she thanked supporters and media for following her case and said that even if she does not win in court, she hopes the impact of her case will have a trickle down benefit for others in the future.

"If we could push the justice forward through this case, and if through this case other victims can get some support and enter the judicial process more smoothly, it will be a victory," she said.

At least several dozen people came out in support of Zhou with many holding placards containing messages like "MeToo".

Some brought flowers for Zhou and others hugged her and wished her well.

Zhu Jun has denied all Zhou's allegations against him since she first went public at the start of China's MeToo movement in early 2018.