Chinese men risk their lives to rescue four-year-old trapped on 14th-floor building ledge

Two heroic Chinese men risked their lives to rescue a four-year-old girl who got trapped on the 14th-floor building ledge in eastern China.

The video, filmed in the city of Liaocheng in Shandong Province on June 8, shows a girl sitting on the 14th-floor-ledge crying.

In another clip, a man was seen holding the girl in his arms and then stood up to walk along the two nearby building ledges to send the girl back into the flat through a window.

According to reports, a neighbour named He Zengtao and a maintainer named He Anyou jumped to the 14th floor from 15th-floor-window, as no one was in the 14th-floor apartments.

They then moved the girl to the 14th-floor-window and pushed her inside the apartment before climbing into it themselves.

According to reports, the girl fell out of the window when she was playing by it.

He Anyou had fractures in three toes after he jumped out of the window. He received surgery in hospital and is recovering now.

The video was provided by local media with permission.