Chinese men publicly shamed for allegedly smuggling migrant to China who later tested positive for COVID-19

A group of alleged people smugglers were publicly shamed in southern China on December 29 after they transported a Vietnamese migrant across the border who later tested positive for COVID-19. Authorities in Jingxi in Guangxi province reacted to the imported coronavirus case by introducing social distancing for 50,000 people. Footage showed the four alleged smugglers being paraded through the streets of Jinxi in hazmat suits with large photos of their faces slung around their necks for all to see. Local authorities who organised the public shaming said they believed it was an"appropriate" disciplinary measure designed to deter other smugglers. Public reaction to the parade has been largely negative with some mainstream media organisations quoting lawyers who said it was "inappropriate" and "undignified". The video was first shot on Dec 29 and provided by local media with permission.

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