Chinese man who lost his arm and leg travels the world on his bike


Despite losing his arm and leg in a teenage accident, a Chinese man has traveled to over a dozen countries on a bike, showing how his passion triumphs over his disability.

Key points:

  • Guo Shaoyu, 30, began his international journey through the Mohan Port in Yunnan province, China, in February 2023.

  • Since then, the former athlete has visited more than 12 countries, documenting them on social media.

  • He is currently touring Africa, with Malawi as his most recent destination.

The details:

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  • Guo lost his arm and leg after being electrocuted while climbing a transformer at the age of 14 in 2008.

  • Along with his bike, he travels with some food and water, recording devices, a tent, a sleeping bag and a tool kit. He communicates in Chinese, English or gestures with locals.

  • One notable stop was Egypt, where he cycled through the Sahara Desert. Speaking to The Cover, he described challenging conditions in the desert — such as temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) and no shade in sight — despite him only cycling around its perimeter.

  • While he mostly receives a warm welcome from locals, he has come across bad actors along the way, such as being robbed in Pakistan. Thankfully, many helped him afterward and he was able to get his phone back.

  • After Malawi, he plans to continue traveling to the northern part of Africa, including Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia, and possibly to Europe or Australia later.


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