Chinese Magician Reveals How Partner's Trick Was Done

A mischievous magician based in Shenzhen, China, revealed the secrets behind his partner’s fiery illusion in a video posted to YouTube on April 22.

The footage shows Chinese magician Hao Yakun, whose stage name is Pokerface Man, spoiling a magic trick performed by his partner, Embarrassing Man.

The footage shows Embarrassing Man performing a trick in which a man appears from an empty, burning box. However, as the man appears so does Pokerface Man, who proceeds to uncover a hidden section of the box to ruin the illusion for those watching.

The video was originally posted to Kuaishou, a Chinese video-sharing app, where the Pokerface Man account has over 720,000 followers. The account focuses on humorous revelations of the secrets behind Embarrassing Man’s tricks.

Hao developed an interest in magic in 2009 and has become a noted live performer. He also teaches courses on magic for budding illusionists, according to a Chinese media report. Credit: Pokerface Man via Storyful