Chinese girl cries tears of joy as she is able to eat meat again after being hospitalised

A girl cried tears of joy as she was able to eat meat again after being discharged from hospital in eastern China. The funny video filmed in the city of Bengbu in Anhui Province on September 16 shows a 4-year-old girl with tears in her eyes holding a goose leg in her hand. The girl's mother asked: "Why are you crying while holding a goose leg?" The girl said "I missed the goose leg so much" and then started to cry. The mother then said: "You can eat it. Your dad bought it for you. The doctor said you can eat it." "I recovered after having meat. I don't even need to go to hospital," the girl responded. According to the mother, the girl was sick and hospitalised for several days and the doctor did not allow her to have oily food. The video was provided by local media with permission.

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