Chinese delivery man climbs onto third floor barehanded to hold 4-year-old hanging from window

A delivery man climbed onto the third floor of a residential building to hold up a 4-year-old girl hanging from a window ledge in central China. Heroic video filmed in the city of Gongyi in Henan Province on October 6 shows a 4-year-old girl hanging from a third-floor window, after she got her head stuck in the security bars. A delivery man named Li Kaichen was seen climbing onto the building's outer wall barehanded and held the girl from beneath until her grandmother came back home and took the girl back into the flat. According to reports, Li was about to push the girl back into the flat but he could not find a place to support himself. So he supported the girl from underneath to keep her from falling. Eventually, Li was also brought back to the ground safely with the help of firefighters. The video was provided by local media with permission.

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