Chinese county turns all traffic lights RED to control COVID-19 after new case emerges

A county in southern China turned all the traffic lights red to control COVID-19 after one new case emerged. Video filmed in the county of Qianshan in Jiangxi Province at around 8 pm on October 30 shows the traffic lights all red at an intersection and vehicles running the lights. According to reports, one person tested positive for COVID-19 in the county and then the local police issued an announcement to turn all traffic lights red from October 30 to try to restrict residents from going out to control the spread of COVID-19. Vehicles running the red lights after 9 pm on October 30 will be punished. According to local reports, the announcement was an emergency measure as the traffic flow was large in the evening of October 30 and it has already been reduced. No drivers were punished by running the red lights. The video was provided by local media with permission.

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