Chinese bride has visa cancelled days after India wedding due to coronavirus fears

A Chinese woman who came to India to get married was forced to leave just two days later as authorities cancelled her visa due to her nationality and fears from the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Zhihao Wang married Saytarh Mishra in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh on February 2, with the bride's family including her parents travelling from China to attend.

The couple met at Sheridon Univeristy in Toronto, Canada while studying abroad together five years ago and returned to India to get married.

All of the bride's family went through a thermal mapping check at Delhi airport on arrival, after it was found there was no symptoms of coronavirus they were allowed to proceed.

Further examinations were made by medical officials daily as precautionary measures, but no symptoms were discovered from any of them.

However just two days after the wedding, on February 4, Wang and her family had their visas cancelled as part of a government ruling to cancel all visas from individuals who had been in mainland China in the last two weeks.

Both Mishra and Wang immediately were forced to return to Toronto the same day.