Chinese actress Angelababy's social media account downgraded after hit with restrictions

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 6 — When it rains it pours for Chinese actress Angelababy whose social media account was downgraded after it was restricted last month.

The actress, whose real name is Angela Yeung Wing, had been accused of promoting explicit content after allegedly attending a recent “19+ restricted” strip dance performance by Lisa, a member of the popular K-Pop girl group Blackpink, at the Crazy Horse cabaret in France, reported Dim Sum Daily.

Crazy Horse Cabaret or Le Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris is known for its racy performances featuring scantily clad or nude dancers.

Angelababy 's Weibo previously held an official certification with a red background and a golden V symbol on her social media platforms, with 105 million followers.

However, her status was downgraded to a regular yellow V recently that are reserved for accounts with over 10,000 followers, more than 1,000 dedicated fans, and an article reading volume of at least 10 million in the past 30 days.

Due to the one-month ban imposed on her, she failed to meet the criteria of achieving a 10 million article reading volume in the past 30 days, resulting in her account being downgraded.

Angelababy is one of the many celebrities being affected by China’s strict censorship laws that aim to crack down on celebrities with ‘incorrect politics’ and who are ‘vulgar and obscene’.

China’s performing arts guidelines strictly forbid the promotion of lewd and indecent performances.