China's Henan hit by worst rainfall in 1,000 years

Large swathes of China's central Henan province were under water on Wednesday following days of torrential rain.

In the capital Zhengzhou, at least 12 people were killed when a subway line was flooded.

Video showed commuters chest-deep in murky floodwaters and an underground station turned into a large, churning pool.

More than 500 people were pulled to safety.

This man was one of them:

"The flood was so strong and many people were carried away by that. The remaining few of us including a kid were so tired, and we nearly gave up. We kept holding on tight to the railing, that's why you can see many bruises on my arms. These are all the bruises, this is one too, this included too. If you don't hold on tight to that railing, it's very easy to be washed away."

The flooding has inundated much of the city and the surrounding area.

Henan is a major logistics hub in central China and has a population of around 100 million.

Millions of their lives have been upended as trains have been suspended, highways closed, and flights delayed or cancelled.

Residents caught in the flood have taken shelter in libraries, cinemas, and museums.

Schools and hospitals have also been cut off by waterlogging.

One hospital in the provincial capital has lost all power and is racing to find transport to relocate about 600 critically ill patients.

The unusually active rainy season has led to the rapid rise of a number of rivers in the vast Yellow River basin.

Dozens of reservoirs and dams have breached warning levels prompting about 100,000 people to be evacuated to safe zones.

Weather watchers say it's the heaviest rain the province has seen in 1,000 years.

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