China’s Tianwen-1 space probe enters Mars' orbit

After a 6-1/2 month journey through space, the Tianwen-1 on Wednesday (February 10) slowed to a speed at which it could be captured by the pull of Mars' gravity and became the second spacecraft to reach the planet this month, with a U.S. probe set to arrive and immediately attempt a landing next week.

Two clips lasting just under a minute were released by the China National Space Administration. The footage, shot from cameras attached to the uncrewed craft, shows it vibrating as its solar-powered thrusters are switched on to slow it down, with the spherical outline of Mars and even craters on the planet's surface seen in the background as the probe hurtles past.

"The solar panels, directional antenna, Martian atmosphere and surface topography are clearly visible," the CNSA said on Friday, the first day of the Lunar New Year.