China seeks to quell power crunch fears

China's power crunch is biting hard.

On Wednesday (September 29) the state demanded that railway companies and local authorities raise their game in shipping vital coal supplies to utilities, as key industrial regions grapple with power cuts.

The order comes after a collision of tight coal supplies, tougher emissions standards and strong manufacturing demand pushed the price of coal to record levels - just as winter approaches.

Thermal coal futures in China hit an all-time high of almost $213 per tonne earlier on Wednesday.

Curbs have been imposed on power use across the country, especially in three northeastern provinces that are home to nearly 100 million people.

This convenience store worker in Shenyang says the subway was still in operation, but water and electricity were all cut, with people buying candles and borrowing portable chargers.

A power cut lasting around eight hours hit a residential compound in the city's Hunnan district last week, leaving streets in complete darkness.

"It was completely dark. I could see nothing because the power was cut from everything. Only when vehicles drove past could you see lights on. I ride an electric scooter and the light of scooter is on. Everything else is dark."

Officials this week have repeatedly sought to assure residents that there will be power for household use and for heating as the colder months set in.

But power rationing has been implemented during peak hours in many parts of northeastern China since last week.

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