China says all virus patients in Wuhan discharged

The city where the coronavirus outbreak began has no remaining cases in its hospitals.

That's according to a Chinese health official on Sunday (April 26).

The coronavirus was believed to have originated in a wet market in Wuhan in December.

But on Sunday China said all virus patients in Wuhan had been discharged, and reported zero new cases in the city.

Wuhan and surrounding Hubei province were locked down beginning in January, with roads sealed, trains and planes cancelled, and residents trapped indoors for over two months.

The city had reported nearly 4,000 deaths due to the virus, representing over 80% of China's total.

But on April 8, the lockdown was finally lifted -- as the focus of the virus largely shifted away from China and onto other parts of the world.

According to a Reuters tally, nearly 3 million people have been infected globally.

China is now trying to grapple with preventing the virus which started within its borders from making its way back through imported cases from overseas.

The northeast Chinese border province of Heilongjiang has seen large numbers of cases entering from Russia.