China notches up another successful spacewalk

Hundreds of miles above earth, China made history on Sunday (July 4) with the first spacewalk outside its Tiangong station.

Astronaut Liu Boming took a shot at describing the view: very beautiful, he said, and very bright.

He and two other astronauts are on the first of four high-stakes mission to complete China's space station by the end of 2022.

Apart from setting up the main module, the astronauts also have a list of technical tests to complete.

Beijing has proceeded with its space program largely on its own.

Chinese astronauts have never set foot on the International Space Station, and perhaps never will

Without new funding, the ISS could be decommissioned in 2024.

Which means the Tiangong could be the only space station left in Earth's orbit.

Seven hours after it started, the spacewalk was brought to a close with a cheery wave for the cameras and the team back at home.

The astronauts have another two months on the station before heading back to earth.

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