China export growth quickens on robust demand

China's exports are surging.

Overseas shipments rose much faster than expected in June, as easing lockdown measures helped lift global demand.

Numbers out Tuesday (July 13) showed exports up 32.2% on the year.

That's higher than May's figure, and way ahead of analyst forecasts.

The gains come despite several headwinds.

China has been battling the global shortage of chips, logistics bottlenecks and higher raw material and freight costs.

But on Tuesday (July 13) a customs administration spokesperson sounded optimistic.

Li Kuiwen said exports should keep growing in the second half, for all the uncertainties over the global health crisis.

June also saw Chinese imports jump.

And there is concern that inflation could arrive with them.

That as prices for commodities like coal, steel, iron ore and copper surge.

But officials say that, for now at least, inflation risks look manageable.

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