China eases flight curbs after U.S. targets its airlines

China will allow more foreign airlines to fly in.

Thursday’s (June 4) move comes shortly after Washington vowed to bar Chinese carriers from serving America.

It was angry that U.S. airlines have been unable to operate routes to China.

Beijing has said foreign carriers cannot operate any more flights there than they did in the week of March 12.

Since all U.S. airlines had suspended China flights by then, they’ve been barred from resuming any flights at all.

Now China’s aviation regulator says foreign carriers currently banned from operating there will be allowed once-a-week flights to the city of their choice.

The restrictions had prompted criticism in China too.

They’ve led to exorbitant ticket prices for Chinese people trying to get home from overseas.

The U.S. bar on China’s carriers had been due to come into force on June 16.

But the Department of Transport said it would reconsider the move if Beijing adjusts its policies.