China drone-maker DJI halts Russia, Ukraine sales

STORY: Drone maker DJI Technology will temporarily suspend business in Russia and Ukraine.

The Chinese firm said Wednesday (April 27) the move was to stop its products being used in combat.

DJI is the first major Chinese firm to halt sales in Russia due to its conflict with Ukraine.

Officials in Kiev have accused DJI of leaking data on the country’s military to Russia.

The drone producer has called the allegations ‘utterly false’.

Chinese firms have largely stayed in Russia since the start of the fighting.

Beijing has also not criticised Moscow.

That is in sharp contrast to many Western governments and companies.

DJI is the world’s largest maker of consumer and industrial drones.

It said in a statement that it was against the use of its drones to – quote – ‘cause harm’.

Last month, a company spokesperson said DJI was aware of footage online that suggested the Russian military was using its products.

But it said it has not been able to confirm this, and the company had no control over the use of its products.

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