Chimp welcomes back visitors after lockdown with clapping and jumping

William, the chimpanzee from Twycross zoo welcomes back the visitors from the 3rd covid-19 lockdown in the UK by clapping and jumping up and down, showing his teeth and entertaining the visitors. You wonder who is getting more excited the visitors or the animals. William is known for pulling funny faces at all the visitors, so he must have missed the humans quite a bit. He still had the staff that cared well for them, but they do love to see all the different people. William is the brother of Jambo, who you might know of being the hairless chimpanzee. He's was born on the 30th of June 1982. Chimpanzees are very curious about us humans and must have missed us quite a bit during the latest lockdown. He is enjoying his food on this gorgeous sunny morning including a nice juicy watermelon piece and some veg for later that he holds with his feet. #SloggerVlogger #SloggerVloggerChimps #SloggerVloggerAnimals