Chilling moment migrant family in India unwittingly follows leopard's trail

Video has emerged of a family following a leopard's trail, oblivious to its presence moments earlier in northern India's Uttarakhand state.

The incident, captured on a camera trap, took place near Jim Corbett National Park on May 12, according to local sources.

According to local media, the camera was set up to record any wildlife movement happening in the area during the night.

The visual captured on the camera trap shows the leopard strolling on its usual track outside Tanhau homestay late in the evening.

Later, a group of two men and three women, including a child, can be seen walking on the same track. According to broadcaster NDTV, the family were captured walking the path only 15 minutes after the leopard.

Reports suggest the family was returning from the city where they had been working.

Migrant workers in India have been walking to their home states as work has dried up during the coronavirus pandemic.