Chile’s Karla Melo to Headline Booze-Fueled Comedy ‘Relatos de una Mujer Borracha’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Prominent Chilean actor and singer Karla Melo will star in “Relatos de una Mujer Borracha,” which translates to “Stories of a Drunk Woman” in English. The new comedy feature, featured by producer Storyboard Media at this year’s Marché du Film, is based on a series of popular Chilean comedy novels by author Martina Cañas.

Storyboard has also given Variety exclusive access to the film’s poster, included at the bottom of this article.

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As an actor, Melo is best known for starring in the hit Chilean drama “El Reemplazante” and Prime Video’s “S.O.S Mamis 2: Mosquita Muerta.” She’s also a successful pop singer with more than 806,000 followers on Instagram.

A semi-autobiographical story, “Relatos de una Mujer Borracha” tells the story of Martina, a young woman who enjoys going out with friends, attending parties and occasionally opening a bottle of wine on special occasions. However, there are those who argue that what Martina really likes to do with her free time is get drunk, get drunk and get drunk.

“Relatos de una Mujer Borracha” is directed by Chilean filmmaker Gabriel “J.G.” Biggs (“Pleure en silence”), who has spent the last several years in France doing commercial work with major global figures and brands including Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, Coca Cola and Christian Lacroix. According to Biggs, the film will be a cocktail of “Bridget Jones” with “Trainspotting” mixed with the frenzy of “Project X” and a Tarantino narrative structure.

Produced by Carlos Nuñez at Storyboard Media, one of Chile’s leading independent production houses, “Relatos de una Mujer Borracha” is being billed as an international quality comedy production. Nuñez expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, ‘We are working hard to create something excellent. With a very funny script adapted from the first two books from Martina Cañas, we’re sure audiences will be lining up to see the film when it’s finished.’

Storyboard’s recent credits include Mar del Plata-winning doc “El Cielo está rojo” and Berlin Peace Film Award-winner “Adriana’s Pact.” Upcoming projects include Benjamín Avila’s “El Cardenal,” Cristián Leighton’s “El Porvenir de la Mirada,” and Camilo Becerra and Sofía Gómez’s “Quizás es cierto le que dicen de nosotras.”

"Relatos de una Mujer Borracha"
"Relatos de una Mujer Borracha"

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