Children suspected in death of German 12-year-old

STORY: Two young girls are the suspects in the fatal stabbing of a 12-year-old - in a case that has shocked Germany.

Police combed through a wooded area on Tuesday looking for more clues.

The suspects are ages 12 and 13.

The body of the victim - known only as Luise - was found near a cycle path on Sunday by police.

Her parents had raised the alarm the day before after she had visited with a friend.

Investigators say she died as a result of knife wounds.

They say there was no sign of sexual assault and no evidence anyone else was involved.

A German investigator said the children admitted to the crime.

Prosecutor Mario Mannweiler said a motive for the crime “may not come to an adult’s mind” and that he could not release further details.

Because of the young ages of the suspects, they are not subject to criminal law in Germany and are in the hands of the youth office.