Children Among Injured After Homes Struck in Donetsk, Officials Say

Ukrainian officials said seven people were wounded, including three children, when Russian shelling struck residential buildings in Dobropillya, a town in east Ukraine’s Donetsk region, on Saturday, April 30.

Footage released by Donetsk Region Police shows major damage to an apartment building and a large blast crater outside it.

Police said the building, at least six homes, and one non-residential building were damaged by what they said was an air-to-surface missile. The three children injured by the strike were aged 5, 6, and 7, they said.

Ukraine’s State Emergency Service (SES) said the strike was reported at 8.47 am on Saturday morning. Among the four injured adults was a 49-year-old man who sustained a brain injury and was being treated at the Dobropol Intensive Care Hospital, the SES said. Credit: Donetsk Region Police via Storyful

Video transcript



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