Chickens Hitch a Ride on Owner's Feet to Stay Out of Washington Snow

A pair of chickens in Clinton, Washington, found an ingenious way to keep their feet out of the snow, as seen in footage posted to Facebook on December 27.

Sarah Michelle Ledoux told Storyful that when she and her husband, James, let their six chickens out onto the snow, they stood still “as if completely petrified”. She said, “After a few moments, four of our chickens started to moved around, somewhat curious of their surroundings. Our other two hens, Butternut and Pumpkin, just squatted down, as if very cold and unimpressed.”

She said her husband put his foot out in front of the two immobile chickens to see if they would climb up onto his boot to get their feet out of the snow. “We were shocked when Butternut climbed on and shortly after, her sister Pumpkin hopped onto his other boot to hitch a ride back to the warmth of their heated coop,” she said. Credit: Sarah Michelle Ledoux via Storyful

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