Chicken & vegetables wrapped in rice paper

Today we prepare an oriental-style recipe using the rice sheets as a wrap for a tasty filling based on vegetables and chicken. Enjoy! Ingredients: 12 rice sheets 150 grams of minced chicken meat 1 onion 1 courgette 30 ml of soy sauce a pinch of salt a pinch of powdered ginger extra virgin olive oil Steps: Cut an onion and a courgette into large pieces Chop the onion and courgette in a blender In a bowl pour 150 grams of minced chicken meat Add the chopped vegetables Add a pinch of ginger powder Also add a pinch of salt and 30 ml of soy sauce Mix until you get a homogeneous mixture Now soak the rice sheets in hot water for 10 seconds, then lay them out on a flat surface Fill them with the previously prepared mixture And close them up to form a small square In a pan pour a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and place the rolls Cook them for a few minutes on one side, until they are browned Then turn them over to the other side A few more minutes and your wraps will be ready!

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