Chicken Filmed Riding Boogie Board in Floodwaters

A chicken was filmed boogie boarding in Tornado, West Virginia, on July 12, after a residential area was flooded following a storm.

This video, recorded by Jonathan Koerber, shows the bird on a boogie board slowly drifting down a flooded street before eventually hopping off.

Koerber’s wife told Storyful: “A storm came through our area on July 12 and our residential street flooded, so the kids were trying to boogie board but the water wasn’t deep enough,” adding, “then my husband suggested [that] my neighbor put one of their chickens on.”

She said that the neighbors all enjoyed a good laugh “after the shock of realizing [the bird] actually seemed to enjoy it.”

A local report citing the National Weather Service said that a severe thunderstorm warning had been extended for some areas of West Virginia. Credit: Jonathan Koerber via Storyful

Video transcript


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