Chicago artist turns potholes into mosaics

STORY: Location: Chicago, Illinois

This eye-catching kitten mosaic art was transformed from an ugly pothole

[Jim Bachor, Pothole artist]

“The success of this whole thing and really why it took off is because everyone can relate to it. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, how much money you make, whatever. Everyone can relate to potholes and everyone hates them.”

Jim Bachor was inspired by mosaics that survived an ancient volcano in Italy

and decided to fill potholes in Chicago and beyond with beautiful mosaics

The street artist also brings his art to Italy and Finland

His mosaic imageries vary from Taco Bell hot sauce packets

to former U.S. President Donald Trump

“Finding good potholes is the most difficult part of the whole process because most don’t work. Pothole art costs a lot of money and time to do and so when I decide to do one I need to make sure that it has the best chance of long-term survival. That the street doesn’t look really beat up and ripe for repaving and what not. It’s the rogue pothole that I really like where it’s like, it’s the right size and the street otherwise is in really good condition.”