Cher suspends conservatorship of son Elijah Blue Allman following months-long battle

Cher and her adult son, Elijah Blue Allman, have agreed to temporarily suspend his conservatorship, which the pop icon filed for late last year amid claims of substance abuse and mental health issues.

Cher and 47-year-old Allman — her son from her marriage to late musician Gregg Allman — agreed during a private mediation last week to “pause all legal proceedings and related activities, including all discovery and motion practice,” according to court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight.

The agreement is intended to facilitate mother and son’s goal to “privately and confidentially resolve this matter.”

In early January, a judge twice denied Cher’s bid for conservatorship, which she made in late December. Cher alleged in court documents that Allman was suffering from “severe mental health and substance abuse issues” and was “substantially unable to manage his financial resources.” Those resources included quarterly payments from a trust fund established by his late father.

In late January, Allman and his wife, Marieangela King, slammed the “Moonstruck” star as “categorically unfit” to serve as a conservator — alleging Cher has identified as “manic depressive” — and dismissed her claims, noting Allman is now sober and getting his finances in order.

Last fall, King also accused Cher of having orchestrated a kidnapping plot in late 2022 by arranging for Allman to be “held captive” for two months at a Mexican rehab facility in an effort to keep the then-estranged couple from reconciling.

“That rumor is not true,” Cher later told People, denying King’s claims that she’d hired a group of men to remove Allman from their New York hotel room. “I’m not suffering from any problem that millions of people in the United States aren’t. … This is my job — one way or another, to try to help my children.”

Noting “that’s what being a mother is,” Cher said “it’s joy, even with heartache. … I just keep trying.”